Where do I get more education on reimbursement issues?

AAPA reimbursement Advocacy Staff for Maryland

Andrew Iwanik:  aiwanik@aapa.org

Stephanie Radix:  director, State Advocacy sradix@aapa.org


AAPA online resources

AAPA >Your PA practice>Reimbursement >Maryland reimbursement


 Maryland Academy of Physician Assistants

Director, reimbursement committee, Tracy Cumberland, PA-C



Online Courses

On line coding and billing courses

E.M. University at http://emuniversity.com


CME courses

American College of Surgeons    (http://http://www.facs.org/index.html)

National Procedures Institute   (http://www.npinstitute.com/product-p/coding-and-billing-.htm)

Private courses by various individuals and organizations


 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services



Maryland Medicaid