Dear Maryland PAs,

On behalf of the Maryland Academy of Physician Assistants (MAPA), I would like to thank all of those PAs who were at the Board of Physicians' meeting on March 30, 2016!  YOU made a difference!
It was standing-room-only, and the physicians were quite taken aback by the presence of so many PAs in the room. As a result of the presence and Dr. Ginsberg's presentation, the BOP has done a 180-degree turn in position, even back-tracking to state that they were looking for clarification, only.
Please be advised that the meeting minutes from the BOP meeting on September 30, 2015, stated that they voted 17 - 1 (with one abstained) to formulate a work-group to study PA supervision with the intent of determining the need for legislation in 2017 to increase PA supervision!
Unfortunately, the BOP latched on to the existence of post-graduate residency programs for PAs, and the impression is that they would like to use that as a pre-requisite for granting advanced duties to PAs.

MAPA has drafted and sent a letter to the Chair of the BOP to thank them for allowing us to present "our case", to avert any such post-graduate requirements on PAs, and to initiate discussion to simplify and expediate the delegation process. Anyone who would like a copy of the letter should request it from our management; it is a matter of public domain, and you should be informed!

This experience just demonstrates how easily our entire profession could change if we do not stay vigilant! It also demonstrates that there is power in numbers! Please encourage your peers to join us today, as we have a long road ahead to make necessary changes to improve Maryland's work environment for PAs.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Theresa Neumann, PA-C, and Gwendy McCoy, PA-C