Legislative director:

As Legislative Director for the past several years and former President of MAPA, I have unfinished business. I am tired of playing second fiddle in the state legislature when it comes to PAs' and NPs' scope of practice issues. This year's legislature was a huge disappointment! I have already had one meeting with MAPA's lobbyist to start the process for legislative changes for next session to raise the awareness that Pas no longer want to be an "after-thought" as well as push for positive changes. We did have one sweeping success, and that was the meeting at the Maryland Board of Physicians! That issue seriously had me worried, and I did place a lot of effort into stopping that debacle before it proceeded. I have to thank the Maryland PAs who showed up for that meeting and thwarted a serious potential blow to our scope of practice. I have also opened the door to more viable discussions with the BOP to develop a less adversarial relationship in the legislature. This may be my last year in this role, so I am asking for your vote to finish what I started. Thank you!

Theresa Neumann, PA-C