Maryland Medicaid Enrollment is now available to Maryland Physician Assistants
As of July 1, 2015, all licensed Maryland Physician Assistants may enroll in the Maryland Medicaid Program and bill Medicaid (including MCO’s) for services they provide to Maryland Medicaid participants.

Several years ago, MAPA leaders recognized PA enrollment and credentialing in the Maryland Medicaid Program would provide many benefits such as reimbursement for services, transparency of PA services, job opportunities, and professional equalization. Recognition of these benefits stimulated discussions within the MAPA leadership to push for changes in Maryland Medicaid policies. Initially, we inquired about a regulatory change and were hopeful that legislation would not need to come forth. After a determination by the Attorney General that the regulations could be changed by the Maryland Secretary of Health, we requested changes be made to the Maryland Medicaid Program to allow physician assistants to be credentialed and enroll. The initial set of proposed regulations by the DHMH contained several concerning items pertaining to PA practice, such as the requirement of co-signatures on Medicaid patients. With diligent efforts from its attorneys and lobbyists, all of these concerns were addressed and resolved. Legislators and Med-chi also supported regulations to enroll PAs and helped pave the way for the current regulations. The AAPA served in an advisory role throughout the process. MAPA acknowledges and appreciates the efforts and support of these groups and individuals who were instrumental in the process of generating new regulations to reflect current practice standards. These new regulations are supported by the DHMH, Med-Chi, AAPA and MAPA.
The change in Medicaid regulations will create many new job opportunities for PAs who were losing jobs to other health providers who could bill Medicaid for their services. Additionally, the new regulations eliminate the antiquated requirement for the physician to be on site providing direct supervision which will allow physicians greater flexibility as they supervise their PAs. New revenue and the PAs’ ability to practice to the full extent of their scope of practice will lead to job security, retention of PAs, and job satisfaction as well as clarity of governmental oversight regarding the provision of services for Medicaid recipients.
MAPA is working to provide Maryland PAs with the tools they need to be successful, to have greater job security, and to promote the PA profession. These efforts generate expenses that are recaptured by the support of Maryland PAs. The efforts to change Maryland Medicaid regulation incurred significant expenses for MAPA. Please take a moment to show your support and help off-set these expenses by joining MAPA at and by making a small contribution to the Maryland PA-PAC at PA-PAC. 6712 Autumn View Court, Eldersburg, MD 21784. (Suggested donation is $50.00)
We hope that you will enroll Maryland Medicaid in the near future. Please see the information included on how to enroll in the Maryland Medicaid Program. Please address any questions about the Maryland Medicaid change or Reimbursement to

Tracy Cumberland, PA-C, Chair, Reimbursement Committee

Theresa Nuemann, PA-C, Director, Legislative Affairs
To enroll in Medicaid, Licensed Maryland Physician Assistant may apply on line or with a paper application.

To download a paper application:

To apply on line:
Select “prescribing provider” for the provider type. You will need your state license number and expiration date, your DEA number, your practice address, Tax payer ID, and your group number.

If there are questions or problems contact: DHMH Provider Enrollment Department @ 410-767-5340.