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The Board consists of 21 members, 13 of which are practicing M.D.s (Medical Doctor) (11 currently, with 2 vacant positions), 1 who is a practicing D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy), 1 who is a PA-C (Physician Assistant - Certified), and 6 who are consumer members (1 currently vacant), not related to a medical field. Of the Board members, one is chosen from a list supplied by Maryland medical schools (Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland Medical School), one from a list supplied by the MHA, one is appointed by the Secretary of DHMH, and two are appointed by the governor. The remainder are appointed by the governor from a list of nominations voted on by all physicians in the state who are interested. For further information see the statute.

The Board members may serve no more than two consecutive 4 year terms. The Chairman is voted on by the members of the Board. Among other duties, the Board is responsible to license and discipline physicians, respiratory care practitioners, radiology technologists, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, polysomnographic technologists and physician assistants. ALL members of the Board as well as its scope and structure will probably be changed by legislation currently being formulated this session. See SB500, SB774, and HB1182.

At its monthly meeting, held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM, the Board votes on recommendations of the PAAC regarding proposed regulations and scope of practice through individual delegation agreements. Portions of the Board meeting are open to the public. On review of the PA Advisory Committee's recommendation, the Board may approve, modify or deny a request for certification or delegation agreement. When the Board votes to reject a job description or request for certification, the applicant shall be given the opportunity for a hearing before the Board. Additionally, the Board must provide a written explanation of the Board's reasons for rejection or modification to the Committee.
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