Prescribing and Dispensing Medications


A Physician may delegate prescribing of Schedule II-V and non-controlled medications to PA if:


  • Intent to delegate prescriptive authority is included in delegation agreement


  • The PA shows evidence of certification by NCCPA within previous 2 years or completion of 8 hours of pharmacology CME within previous 2 years and

                  Has Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or

                  Has 2 years of work experience as PA


  • The PA attests to willingness to comply with applicable state and federal law


  • Prescriptions written by PA are noted in medical record


  • Prescriptions written by the PA contains the  PA’s name and supervising Physician’s name, address and phone number


  • PAs who are delegated prescribers of controlled medications have a valid DEA registration and state controlled substance registration 






MD. HEALTH OCC. § 15-302.2