The PAs within Maryland need continued strong leadership to carry the PA profession into the future, therefore I ask you to support my candidacy for President Elect for the Maryland Academy of Physician Assistants (MAPA).
Imagine a future where Maryland PAs provide quality, cost-effective, evidence based medical care without major concerns, whether wit the primary care setting or a specialty care setting. These Maryland PAs must be secure in knowing that MAPA leadership is ensuring that PAs are included in all new healthcare legislation and that they have access to all of the most recent information concerning the PA Profession, not only at the state and local level, but also at the national level.
I bring more than 13 years of active leadership at the state, national and constituent organization level. I have served as the President of the Wisconsin Academy of PAs and the Public Health Service Academy of PAs. In addition I have been a Delegate or Chief Delegate within the AAPA House of Delegates for the more than 10 years, actively supporting the PA profession. At the national level, I have served for more than 3 years on the AAPA Nomination Work Group and as a member of the AAPA Governmental Affairs Work Group.
I promise to work with the MAPA leadership team and other organizations to advocate for our profession. I will strive to increase our membership numbers by emphasizing the value of member benefits, training and education and advocacy.
I will also work with our PA students and recent graduates to develop the resources to ensure a smooth transition from student to practicing PA. These individuals are the future of our profession, not only at the state level but also at the national level. It is paramount that we ensure that mentoring and leadership opportunities are available for these eager PAs.
Thank you for this opportunity to serve the Maryland PAs and our profession

Mark McKinnon, DHSc, PA-C