Platform 2015


Gwendy McCoy, PA-C:  I have participated in the HOD for 10 years, representing Maryland on many national issues.  I am eager and excited this year to serve after taking a year off to focus on my first year of being the president.  I believe that Maryland always has a strong showing at the national level.  I believe I can continue to be a big part of that because of the experience I bring along with the enthusiasm I continue to feel for the profession.  I would like to represent Maryland again this coming year, since knowledge of other states’ issues, successes and failures, along with knowledge of national policy, can only help make me a stronger leader for you.  I can more actively represent your needs on a national level now that I understand the procedure and process better. The membership survey on national policy issues continues to allow us to discuss issues with you and bring everyone's views to the national table, and I will continue to support this line of communication as a representative/delegate to the AAPA HOD.